Windle Turley
Turley Law Firm

Congratulations on your firm’s 25th anniversary as independent annuity
brokers. I do not know the exact date we first started working with you in
our structured settlements; however, I suspect it was at least 20 years ago.

Neil, I just want to tell you how much the Turley Law Firm has enjoyed
working with you and what a great service you have continually rendered
to our clients. Our satisfaction with your work and commitment to our
clients is reflected in the fact that you have been, for at least 20 years
and you remain today, the only structured settlement annuity broker with
whom this law firm will work. It has always been my great pleasure to
recommend you to courts and defense counsel and their clients in every
structured settlement we receive.

Here at the Turley Law Firm, we look forward to working with you another
25 years.

Bob Gorsky
Lyon, Gorsky, Haring, Gilbert & Livingston

For over 20 years I have entrusted my structured settlements to Neil and
Johnson Settlement Resources. Not all structured settlement advisors
provide the same services. Neil works diligently to find not only the best
rate of return, but he also makes sure that we place the client’s settlement
annuity with the most financially secure insurance company. Also, he
explains to both my client and me why we should consider one annuity
company over another and the ramifications of our choice.
Whether the case was large or small, the advice, guidance and service
my clients and I have received from Neil and his company have been

Robert R. Varner, Jr.
Braden, Varner & Aldous, P.C.

I met Neil Johnson many years ago when I was “forced” by a court
appointed Ad Litem to work with Neil to obtain annuity quotes for minor
clients for whom we had obtained a multi-million dollar recovery.  Up until
that time, I had used another annuity broker who consistently provided my
clients with better annuity rates than any other brokers.  I obtained the
“best rates” from the broker I had been using and felt confident the broker
had secured the best possible rates.  We then invited Neil “to shop” the
rates.  I thought it very unlikely that Neil could obtain better rates.   Quite
frankly I was shocked when Neil quoted far better rates than I had
received from the other broker.  Needless to say, we used Neil’s services
for that settlement, which provided much more value to our clients.  Since
then, I have always included Neil in the mix when requesting annuity rates
and he has consistently outperformed every other broker from whom we
have requested quotes.  For nearly 12 years, I have used Neil exclusively
as my settlement annuity broker because, without exception, he has
always provided the absolute best returns for my clients.  In addition, Neil
is always responsive, works tirelessly to provide multiple quotes for
various structures, and is always more than punctual when providing
quotes and testimony for prove-up hearings.  He has earned my trust and
respect, and has most certainly earned the trust and confidence of most
court appointed Ad Litems and Dallas County Courts.   I can offer no
higher recommendation or praise for any annuity broker.

Lori Watson
Merritt & Watson PLLC

Neil Johnson is the champion for Plaintiffs in creating the absolute best
scenarios to make the most out of their litigation recovery while safe
guarding it! He brings to the table not only years of experience, but more
importantly a compassion and understanding of what Plaintiffs have
suffered at the hands of the defendants. He goes above and beyond to
listen to the Plaintiffs’ needs and desires and structures options that best
suit their circumstances, and then ensures that they completely
understand the benefits.  Neil is also indispensable to Plaintiffs’ attorneys.
He makes himself available to take our calls anytime, and jumps through
hoops to try and find a solution to often times difficult situations. I have
been very blessed to have Neil work with me on cases for over 14 years.
Any Plaintiff’s attorney that works with Neil is bringing a major benefit to
their client by having Neil involved.  
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