What we DO:

  • We do represent all of the top-rated settlement annuity markets.

  • We do maintain membership in the National Structured
    Settlements Trade Association (NSSTA) and the Society of
    Settlement Planners (SSP).

  • We do participate in ongoing Continuing Education to stay
    current in all fields of Settlement Planning.

  • We do cooperate with co-brokers representing other parties when
       appropriate…without compromising the best interest of our client.

What We Do NOT Do:

  • We do not and will not participate in commission rebating

  • We do not and will not represent Defendants or Insurers who
    mandate self-serving “in-house” settlement programs or overly
    restrictive “approved lists” of annuity companies.

  • We do not and will not compromise the best interest of any client
    in order to accommodate any other client or adverse party.  
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